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Update! (It’s been a while…)

Sooooo…. since the last post five years ago about a repair to one of our storage buildings, we’ve acquired several other smaller stashes of 1959-64 Studebaker interior pieces.  Will has since resigned from his job as a Social Studies teacher in order to take care of his mother (who passed away in January 2016) and her estate as well as focus more on this business and our nearly-200 tree apple and pear orchard.  He finally convinced me (Lori) to join him at the end of this past school year.  Since I “retired” from my principal position, I’ve gained a student teacher supervision gig with a local university, I’ve been taking care of lots of things at home and in the orchard, and I’m starting to help out at the shop this fall.

This past summer, over many weeks, we put up a new warehouse that will hold all of the Starlight Studebaker upholstery.  We’re really excited about this as it will consolidate inventory from 3 separate storage spaces into one, and we’re now in the process of integrating the more recent purchases with the overall inventory.  Having everything re-organized and under one roof will help us find things that are requested a lot more quickly!  I’m looking forward to getting more involved in the Starlight Studebaker business and getting to know more of our Studebaker friends and customers.


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Will’s Wall

This past summer, we had to re-roof and add gutters to a section of the oldest part of our warehouse (a Chevy garage built in 1916 that later became a Ford garage, blacksmith’s shop, farm implements store and repair shop, and storage throughout the years until we purchased it).  Late in the summer, Will realized that a portion of a major support wall was sinking which was affecting both drainage off the roof and giving us some leaks inside.  He and several friends have spent the last two months reinforcing the wall with supplemental structure for bracing, and adding a newly-framed wall in front of the old wall.  The project is going to take a few more weekends to finish, but it’s a must-do before we can move forward with locating some parts against that wall. 

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Final sort… or is it?

This past summer we were able to finish sorting the inventory we purchased from Phantom.  It was extraordinary that through this purchase, we were able to fill in the holes that we had from SASCO.  For example, we would have lots of back seat bottoms but not the backs for a certain year and trim level.  We were bummed about that and curious about why that would be.  Putting the two “puzzle pieces” together worked!  This acquisition brought in more truck seat covers, pieces to complete many Lark sets,and  many sun visors.

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Springtime Sorting

Working on sorting and incorporating the Phantom purchase, still. Today we’re sorting and boxing 1959-1964 C-Cab and T-Cab truck seat covers…  no 1962 Champ covers, though.  Limited quantities of some great Standard and Deluxe sets in red, green, blue, grey, and tan.  We also have the super-cool 1961 vinyl diamond pattern in taupe!  $350/set and ready to ship! 🙂

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The Phantom Sorting…

More door panels…  (sigh)….  the GOOD thing is that many of the door panels are filling the gaps we previously had.  Next couple of weekends: seat covers!  We need to get all of the Phantom parts put away before Will’s knee surgery later this month.  

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Does anyone need a blue 1956 Commander Sedan seat cover set?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting on e-bay some random seat cover sets that we’ve found. 

Here’s one set:


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Long time, no post, but here’s an update…

Greetings, all, and thanks to the new subscribers for taking a look!

Since our last post in July, we’ve taken care of all of the loose upholstery… THAT was a two-month task!  Who knew that there would be so much to sort through in the 1963 – 1966???  Once again, we realized that this sorting project is taking WAAYYYY more time than we ever anticipated it would!   After seat covers were all sorted, we found that we have an abundance of certain seat covers and colors (50+ of the same part, sometimes) and nothing or very few for others.  Pictures are on my Android phone, so I’ll need to post those later. 

One exciting thing is that we are now down to carpets, floor mats, and headliners to be sorted!  While there are hundreds of each, we are finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel…

Both of us are back in the full swing of our regular jobs as educators, now.  If you know how that goes, it’s not a 8-4 job when there are games and dances to chaperone, parent-teacher conferences and PTO meetings at night,and writing  lesson plans and taking continuing education classes on the weekends.  However, we’ll keep plugging away at our Starlighting (ad)venture as much and as quickly as we can!



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1963 and 1964… it just keeps going!!!

We’ve spent the last few weeks sorting and organizing and counting seat covers for ’63s and ’64s and we’ve found that lots of the loose covers fill the holes for parts numbers that are missing on the shelves.   Hurray!   We’ve also found some excellent pieces that will  make some restorers very happy.  Super-cool!  Here are some pics of the 1964 vinyl seat covers that we sorted on Sunday.  The ’64 vinyl is very soft and other than some pieces being SASCO-dirty, it’s in great condition!


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Huuuuuge win today!!!

As we were rearranging boxes to compress and make room for newly-boxed 1959-61 seat covers, we found that some boxes had numbers that weren’t accounted for on the parts/inventory lists.  We found some 1961 covers that we thought were missing— way cool!  Dylan, we may have found what you need!!!

We are STILL working on sorting 1963 “custom” seat covers.  There are SO MANY that were never boxed, and the foam backing and vinyl for each needs to be carefully examined to determine worthiness.  It’s sad that so many seat covers/cushions would have been saved and usable if they hadn’t been exposed to the indoor/outdoor weather conditions at SASCO.  Fortunately there is still quite a bit of good/pristine inventory available!


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Update 6/9/11

Hi, folks,

We were looking forward to heading to Springfield next week, but after sizing up the immense amount of sorting of 1963-66 loose parts that we STILL have to do, we’ve decided that our summer “free” time will be better-spent staying close to home and taking care of business.  We’re really bummed about not going to the International Meet, but our reality is that our sorting project along with some home and shop maintenance have to take priority this summer.

As many of you know, both of us are full-time educators, and this year has been a really busy one for both of us at school (Lori started a principalship at a new school and Will had his hands full with Student Council and Knowledge Bowl).  Add to that various family health-issues, and our time has been stretched thin.  Hence, we are crazy-behind in the somewhat-final stages of sorting the last of the 1963-66 seat covers.  It’s slow-going because each separate piece has to be carefully examined to determine whether it’s good enough to save and sell. 

We know that many folks have been waiting to hear whether we’ve found requested parts, and we really appreciate everyone’s patience.  This has been a bigger undertaking than we imagined it would be, and we are hoping that the next 6 weeks will be productive enough to have all the loose parts sorted and inventoried which will free us up to get orders out. 

Best wishes and safe travels to all who are headed to Springfield!

~Lori & Will Sander

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