(Updated 5/01/17)

Welcome to Starlight Studebaker, home of your NOS Studebaker interior parts vendor.  We have many interior parts for your 1959 – 1966 Studebaker.

In late 2009, we purchased the interior parts from the former SASCO inventory, and in late 2011, we purchased Phantom’s remaining seat covers, door panels, and visors.  We have spent the last 8 years moving, sorting, and organizing parts that fill our 12,000+ square foot warehouse and storage buildings.

We have been pleasantly surprised at the condition of the vast majority of the pieces with some needing just a very thorough cleaning, and we’ve culled the too-disgusting-to-sell pieces.  Almost all of the vinyl pieces are very soft and pliable with strong stitching and seams, and we’ve had to discard very few parts.  We’ve also had some surprise finds of parts that were thought to be long-gone that must have been well-hidden at SASCO.  🙂  We’re almost done with having everything to where we know what we have and can easily locate it to sell to you!

Inventory is primarily comprised of door panels and seat/cushion covers, though we have many headliners, sun visors, carpets and mats, and a few other small “soft” interior parts.  Items like dash covers/pads, package shelves, armrests and visors will continue to be available through Studebaker International.  Prices will depend on the quantities we have of each item.  Items of which we have an abundance will cost less than those of which we have only a few.

UPDATE:                                                                                                                                                   We have enjoyed helping others with Studebaker projects for the past 17+ years, however this has always been a hobby for us.  Will resigned from his Social Studies teaching job last year, and Lori will be taking leave of her elementary principal position at the end of June.  We are looking forward to having more time to serve our Studebaker friends and customers in a more timely fashion later this summer after a re-inventory and move into a new warehouse. 

In the meantime, Will will continue to work on the backlog of orders and we appreciate your patience.  We continue to be busy with family including aging parents, major home and shop maintenance, and our small apple orchard.  We sincerely apologize for not being able to be more prompt with sending orders out, and we truly appreciate your understanding and patience.  We will continue to call or e-mail individuals who have requested items to let them know whether we’ve got them, prices, and shipping info.

Please save this Interior Request Form on your computer’s desktop, fill it out, and e-mail it to request@starlightstude.com.

***Please note: we ask for your patience in responses to all e-mailed requests.  We will check and respond with a receipt of e-mail 2-3 times a week.  We appreciate everyone’s patience!

We look forward to helping other Studebaker owners obtain NOS interiors to make your cars look like they did when they rolled off the line!